Little Tlou Tea is the brainchild of premium local tea brand Tlou Tea, created by Mom and Tea Merchant Ditshego Sedikela with the professional guidance of world renowned Clinical Paediatric
Dietitian, Dr Kath Megaw.

This range of functional teas are all naturally caffeine free, and contains no preservatives or colorants. Little ones will love the subtle yet delicious flavours from our range.


About Ditshego Sedikela

Founder: Tlou Tea Group

With over 10 years’ experience in the Tea Industry in South Africa; Ditshego (affectionately known as ‘The Tea Lady’ by her friends and loyal customers) is now ready to share tried and tested natural tea blends for little ones. “Supporting my kids immune systems with natural remedies like our herb blends isn’t anything new. My grandmothers and mom used to make us remedies with herbs when I was little. This is where I first learned the principle of how much nurture there really is in nature. Many of our customers have asked when we will make teas for kids, I’m so happy to expand the Tlou Tea family with the introduction of Little Tlou”

Ditshego finds purpose in doing things which allow her and those around her to live well despite all of life’s challenges and stresses. “I thoroughly enjoy creating wellness tea blends that are good in a cup and good in the body. As a mother of three, tea has always been a constant in my life. I’m excited to share my love of tea with the next generation.”

About Dr Kath Megaw

Clinical Paediatric Dietitian & Founder of Nutripaeds

With over 24 years of being in private practice and a particular interest in special needs, fussy babies, picky eaters and epilepsy, Kath is known as one of South Africa's leading clinical paediatric dieticians.

After qualifying as a Dietitian, she studied further at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, where she specialised in Paediatric and Special Needs Dietetics. However, what qualifies Kath more than all her years of study, is her three children, who constantly challenge her theoretical paradigms and help her put her theory into practice.

Kath runs workshops on infant and childhood nutrition and speaks at various baby, toddler and child seminars around the country. She is the author of “Real Food, Happy, Healthy Children”, and the co-author of numerous books, including “Feeding Sense”, “The Low-Carb Solution for Diabetics”, “Weaning Sense” and “Allergy Sense”.

But above all, she is passionate about helping families and offers support to moms and dads by assisting her little patients with their nutritional needs.


    To create functional tea blends for kids.


    To serve our customers with various tea blends, made from the finest natural ingredients, to
    provide nurturing with every cup.


    To provide naturally delicious tasting Rooibos and Herbal tea infusions and delay or even remove the want to start drinking artificially sweetened beverages such as sodas and juices.