Ditshego Sedikela

Tea has always been an intricate part of my story. No one else in my family really liked tea, so I became the proudly appointed tea maker whenever guests came to visit. I ensured that tea was always on the grocery list, even if it was just for me (well, and our guests).

As I grew older, I dabbled in many forms of wellness. From Bikram yoga to hiking, trail runs, being pescatarian, vegetarian, and vegan. Around this time, I started exploring various teas, herbs, spices, botanicals, and adaptogens. This curiosity led me to understand the benefits of good physical, mental and spiritual well-being and what an exquisite cup of tea should embody.

In 2013, I found serenity while spending time at The Tea Merchant shop. The experience propelled my decision to own a franchise. The following year, I became a partner and went on to co-own five stores at Clearwater Mall, Cresta Mall, Fourways Mall, Woodlands, and Dainfern Square.

The process to build Tlou Tea began in 2019; there is so much nurture in nature. At Tlou Tea, we have intentionally hand- blended our teas with only the best ingredients. I want to challenge the "milk & sugar" culture in South Africa, and I want you to be part of the journey.

Yours in Tea;



Tlou tea is a 100% female owned South African premium tea brand. We offers hand-blended teas with herbs, spices and carefully selected adaptogens that aid mental and physical well-being. Adaptogens are plants, herbs and functional mushrooms which are known to assist the body’s natural performance against wear and tear, otherwise known as, daily stress and fatigue. 


Tlou is the Sepedi word for elephant. This strong, larger-than-life creature is a universal symbol of power, loyalty, humility and wisdom. These are all qualities we wish to embody and share with our tea lovers from all walks of life.

Personally, elephants invoke an intrinsic sense of pride and identity, as they represent both my paternal and maternal clan totems.


Tea has been a friend to humanity since the dawn of civilisation. Our ancestors paved the way for this special beverage’s potential ever since the discovery of the Camellia Sinensis plant.

To us, Tlou Tea is one of humanity's oldest companions, a loving friend, and a partner in wellness.


    To create tea blends that are good in a cup and good in the body.


    To serve our customers with various tea blends, made from the finest natural ingredients, to provide nurturing with every cup.


    To nurture a new generation of wellness-conscious tea lovers.